How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Virtual Magician?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Virtual Magician?

The pandemic and lockdown have truly transformed our lives in ways that we could have never even imagined. While schools, offices and markets were visibly and obviously affected, other people and organisations have also been tremendously shaken and changed due to the present situations.

Magic, magicians and magic shows are not different. Due to pandemic and lockdown guidelines, it is neither allowed nor safe to organise a live magical show for any celebrations or parties. But not to worry, even though we cannot afford to host or attend a live magic show, we can certainly organise or join one virtually.

The Combination of Magic and Technology

Magicians have now taken their shows to virtual platforms. This combination of magic and technology has been a blessing in disguise for both the magicians and their beloved audience. But since this practice is relatively new, people tend to have many questions and queries about virtual magicians and their magic shows. One of the major questions about magicians and magic shows is regarding the cost and rates of hiring and employing virtual magicians for the hosts’ celebrations. Since a magic show is not really a regular performance and a magician is not really someone we would hire on a normal and regular basis, such questions are normal and genuine.

But these questions are not easily answerable either. And the main reason for this is that there are no correct or exact answers to this question. The price and cost of hiring a virtual magician actually depend on a number of different factors. One factor would be the show itself.

Magical Displays and Tricks

This would include what the hosts wish to have in the show, the audience of the virtual magician (the number of people attending the show, whether they would be children, adults or a mix of both), the event for which the magician is being hired and other similarly related situations.

Another factor would be the designated time for the magic show in the celebration. And the last, but most important, the factor is the quality of the virtual magician and the magic show. This would involve the effort and awe in all the magical displays and tricks that will be shown to the audience. It is quite clear that all these factors will be different in each and every case. But to give an approximate number, the host can be expected to pay anywhere between 350 and 5000.

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