How did EE Signal Boosters work?

How did EE Signal Boosters work?

EE Signal Booster as we know it serves as the largest telecommunication provider in all of the UK. It provides the fastest 2G, 3G, and 4G.So to understand further you need to understand what a signal box is.

What is a signal box?

Getting a good network at home may sometimes cause a little headache as some types of glass, basements, and thick walls may hinder your signal strength.

A Signal box is a device that uses a broadband connection to give you the best reception around the house. It connects to your router and obtains signals from the network to provide strong indoor coverage.

For this to work effectively you will need;

  • A 3G compatible phone on EE
  • A spare Ethernet port on the router
  • A spare power supply near your router
How EE signal booster works

How to use your signal box?

Once purchased and activated your signal box will pick up automatically and start working. The green light flashes slowly and you hear a beep at the start of every call.

A signal box can allow a connection of up to four people at a given time; this can however be limited to one or two people if you have a slower broadband connection.

If you move further from the range of the signal box while you are in a call your call may drop unless there’s an EE signal within.

You also need to have a phone that supports 3G for the signal box to work. Older 2G phones cannot use the signal box.

EE Signal Boosters work

What do the lights indicate?

  • Green light flashing quickly

If this happens try unplugging it and then reconnecting it again as this may signal a lost connection with the service provider.

  • Red light single flash

Signal box may be improperly connected, you should check if the cables are properly plugged in to the router and signal box. If this persists try changing the Ethernet cable and leave it for some time to see if it resets.

  • Red light – sequence of two flashing lights

Internet connection is not being received by the signal box. You should check the connection of your broadband.

  • Red light- sequence of three flashing lights

This signals something else might be interfering with the signal. You have to make sure the signal box is not close to any other electrical equipment and that it is at least 60cm away from the router.

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