A Guide to Hiring a Locksmith in 2017

A Guide to Hiring a Locksmith in 2017

Hiring a locksmith is one thing; hiring a good locksmith is another. This is because the market is full of quacks, cons, scams, half baked locksmiths, and other entities that are not really qualified to get the job done.Thus, it is very important that you do things the right way when looking to hire one. Sadly, the best locksmith may not always be the most affordable. But similarly, the most expensive locksmith to hire may not necessarily do the job in the best way. Thus it’s always a delicate balance between finding a good locksmith who’s as qualified as he or she is affordable.


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  1. You’ll need to start by speaking to your friends or family. Ask them whether they know of any locksmith around who is reliable, let them give his or her contacts if they have them. This should always be your first option, and chances are that you’ll get good leads. Alternatively, you can do a quick search on the internet where you’ll get the contacts of some of the local locksmiths. It’s always more recommendable to contact a locksmith via phone, rather than email as the former guarantees you of a prompt response.
  2. Once you have secured the contacts of a locksmith, it’s time to get in touch with them! When you call, never rush to speak out about your case; rather, try and find out whether the locksmith is qualified enough for the job. Ask them open ended questions like what scope of services they offer, how long they’ve offering services, etc. By listening to their answers, you can tell whether you’re speaking with the right person or not. Afterwards, explain to them about the situation you’re in; could be you have lost your cars, or want to duplicate keys or want them to help install new locks to your doors, etc. The locksmith will then guide you forward.
  3. Never send any money to a locksmith until you have met them, or better still, they have gotten the job done. A good locksmith will come up to your premises to evaluate the task at hand, before charging you for their services. You can agree to make 50% of the payment before they start, and the other half after completion of the task at hand.


Hiring locksmiths across London can be as easy or as hard as you make it. And Key Cutting

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