Rubbish Removal Service Vs Skip Hire

Before you make up your mind on whether to hire a rubbish removal company or skip hire, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of. Knowing the difference between the two will help you make up your mind faster. Skip hiring has been with many Londoners for long; skips come in the form of heavy duty waste containers where you can dispose of all your waste and rubbish. However, they have become unpopular for a few reasons; you have to secure a permit in order to leave the skip outside your home. Besides, some skip hire companies tend to delay in collecting the rubbish, sometimes leaving the skip outside your home for days! This would never be the case with a rubbish removal company. Regardless of the amount of waste that has been cleared from your home, most skip hiring companies will charge you for the entire skip.

Express-Waste-RemovalsExpress Waste Removals offers you reliable and affordable rubbish removal services. Our waste removal teams will clear and dispose of any type or amount of home waste that you have; we do this fast and efficiently, affordably. Forget about having to leave a filthy skip outside your home for hours or even days. We can get the same job done faster, more affordably, and with little interruption to your home. Not to mention that well charge you only for the waste that we’ve cleared from your premises; unlike a skip hire that charges a standard amount for the skip. With skip hire, you will have to compile and collect all the waste that needs to be disposed, then take it to the skip. This may be tedious especially for the aged or sick and the convenient thing would be to opt for our removal services. You just sit back and watch us get everything done fast and efficiently. We have immense experience removing rubbish in all manner of settings, including residential homes and commercial property. If you have a business or office and are looking for a professional company that will ensure all rubbish is removed as and when needed, without costing you an arm and a leg then were your best bet. Express Waste Removals has specially modified trucks to handle huge amounts of waste and junk.

In most cases, Skips come in sizes starting from 2-yard skip to 40-yard skip. You pick one depending on the amount of waste and junk that needs to be cleared. Once the skip hire company has left the skip with you, they’ll charge a standard amount regardless of the amount of waste you had. This is different from what you can expect from a removal company; most rubbish removal companies will only charge you for the amount of waste collected. Another thing worth noting is that you’ll be responsible for cleaning up once you’ve disposed of your waste in the Skip. A Skip hire company’s work is to leave the skip, come to collect it afterwards for disposal. We can spare you all that hassle by collecting all your rubbish for disposal and cleaning up before leaving. No littering on the driveway or parking lot, no waste falling off accidentally. Express Waste Removals has a professional team of cleaners with many years of experience handling all manner of waste. We are your best bet when it comes to reliable waste clearance and disposal in London and surrounding areas. Our trucks can handle as much as what the biggest Skip would handle. Talk to us today, lets clear your home or business waste efficiently and very fast. Our rates are competitive and we promise you’ll not be disappointed.

Stitch Leggings: The Best Meggings And Male Leggings

Stitch Leggings was an idea conceived by two British designers who happened to attend a Themed party. It was here that the duo was ‘forced’ to wear ‘ill fitting female’ leggings, which made them to come up with the idea of 100% designed male leggings, aka meggings. In that regard, these can be said to be the pioneers of this latest fashion trend that is taking over the male fashion world by storm. If you are looking for the best male meggings here in the UK, sTitch Leggings should always be your number one bet.

  • Variety; at sTitch Leggings, you’re always assured of a variety of patterns, colors, and designs to choose from. Although gold and camouflage are some of the most common colors, you can get almost any color that you are looking for. Some of the different designs you can get at sTitch Leggings include Spartan, Festival, Diamond, Retro, to mention but a few.
  • Affordability; for as little as £ 35, you will get a brand new, polyester made pair or male meggings. This is relatively cheap considering that the meggings have the ability to bring out the sexiness in a man in ways other clothing cant. That aside, one can be assured of handsome discounts if they purchase more than one pair of male meggings during this festive season.
  • Comfort and convenience; sTitch Meggings are designed for comfort and convenience. Most brands dwell so much on the sexiness aspect of the male meggings and thus forget on convenience; this is why all sTitch Leggings brands come with a back pocket that ensures that all your valuable items like mobile phones, or car keys are safe and secure. Some of their brands also have a zip at the front, unlike other brands that are lacking this very crucial feature.
  • Ability to shop online; again, sTitch Leggings has a website that enables visitors to purchase their male meggings online. Once you have gone over all the photos and info available, you just add your pick to your shopping Cart. Payments can be made on PayPal or Credit cards, and all transactions are very safe.

Make sure that the next time you’re looking to buy your male meggings, you get them from the pioneers; sTitch Leggings. Here you’ll get value for your money, and be assured of a wide variety to choose from.

Are We Becoming Too Technological?

However, with all the computers and computerized machines, has it made people more dependent on technology? Are we becoming too technological?

Simpler work Processes

Technological advancements have made it possible for people to carry out things that in the past could only be imagined. Tasks are much easier to accomplish than before and work can be done faster and simpler.

  • Complete Dependency

However, as these advancements continue to propagate, people are becoming more dependent on them. In this day and age, how many of us can survive a week without a cell phone or an internet connection? Do you consider it important to memorize any phone number? Even if it is an important number that will come in handy in case of an emergency? We as humans have been relieved of so many duties making life easy and convenient that the thought of a world without internet brings shivers to our bodies.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Negative Impact of Dependancy

Imagine what would happen if everything that depends on technology to work just shuts down all over sudden. If all the gadgets just decided to malfunction. How would it be? It’s all too scary too imagine, isn’t it? Well, this just shows how dependent we are on technology. It is also important to understand that technology has advantages and disadvantages. We can consider too much dependency as one of the disadvantages.

  • Positive Impact

When it comes to entertainment on the other hand, technology has made things quite easier. You can get all the entertainment you wish for at the comfort of your home. Socialization is also very easy which allows people to interact with one another from different parts of the world. However, this has led to less physical and real life interactions since most people depend on their digital devices to interact.

By Andrew Charalambous

The Best Photographer in London

Do you love photography and have a passion in taking photos? Well, you can easily gain experience and exposure by following the easy tips of becoming a professional photographer. Not everyone has the eye for photography but those who do always motivate themselves to climb up the ladder and become the best. As a starting photographer, you need to be well versed in what you should have and do so as to be the best.

Below are a few tips on how to be the best photographer in London

  • Planning; you should be a good planner when you want to be a professional photographer. Plan where you want have the shoot and what you want to take pictures of. London is a beautiful city and therefore there are many beautiful places to take pictures of. Be able to take note of the type of lighting and the surrounding images.
  • Movements; when taking pictures, learn to concentrate and make no movement. Have 100 percent focus on the image you want to take a picture of. Make sure you have the right camera features that will help the picture look the way you intend for it to look. Master to make no movements when taking photos if you don’t want it to look blur.
  • Paying attention; if you are taking a picture while using models, make sure you pay attention to the eyes. The eyes tell a story that not many people can understand and they also make the picture look bright and captivating.
  • Focus; photography is not about taking photos of people and objects. Rather, you are supposed to focus on the little things in a crowd that can make the picture stand out. Something that most people would not expect other than the normal. Concentrate on the detail, complexion, lighting, expression and emotions.

Nunzio Prenna is also the top London fashion photographer

  • Conclusion

Photography might seem simple to many people but it actually needs a lot of concentration and practice.

If you need photography studio to hire/rent in London check 69 drops Studio is the bets.

You Need To Know Something While Exploring The Tower Of London

London has various attractive sightseeing places to see and discover and this includes the Tower of London. The tower of London attracts various tourists from all over the word and with good reason. From historic palaces, to family visits, the tower of London is a great place to be with family and friends. This is where real drama unfolds and you can hope to find something for everyone. Opening times is from Tuesday to Saturday 9 am to 5:30 pm. There is also the option of late admission which starts at 5.00 pm. Here are the top things you need to see and do at the London tower;


  1. The crown jewels
  2. The white tower
  3. Ravens
  4. Fortress
  5. Yeoman Warder Tours

The historic palaces are a great way to learn the history of the English people and you can gain entry into this palace starting from just £48. You might not even have enough time to explore each of these historic places. You can also include your family to visit the tower as the activities can be enjoyed by both adults and kids.

The London tower provides a unique experience for your visitors if you need to host an event. The venue has a comfortable atmosphere and cool environment where you and your event participants can engage in various outdoor activities or just wind up and relax.

The crown jewels are a favorite spot for most children. You will notice the excitement on your faces as they look at this fascinating and exciting feature of the London tower while taking London taxi cabs. The jewels are embodied in precious glittering stones in a dark setting which adds color to the occasion. There are various fun things to do and see while visiting the tower of London and you can have a wonderful day while at it.