A Guide to Hiring a Locksmith in 2017

Hiring a locksmith is on e thing; hiring a good locksmith is another. This is because the market is full of quacks, cons, scams, half baked locksmiths, and other entities that are not really qualified to get the job done. Everyone wants to hire a locksmith who’s equal to the job at hand; qualified, experienced, and able to get the job done pretty fast. Thus, it is very important that you do things the right way when looking to hire one. Sadly, the best locksmith may not always be the most affordable. But similarly, the most expensive locksmith to hire may not necessarily do the job in the best way. Thus it’s always a delicate balance between finding a good locksmith who’s as qualified as he or she is affordable.


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  1. You’ll need to start by speaking to your friends or family. Ask them whether they know of any locksmith around who is reliable, let them give his or her contacts if they have them. This should always be your first option, and chances are that you’ll get good leads. Alternatively, you can do a quick search on the internet where you’ll get the contacts of some of the local locksmiths. It’s always more recommendable to contact a locksmith via phone, rather than email as the former guarantees you of a prompt response.
  2. Once you have secured the contacts of a locksmith, it’s time to get in touch with them! When you call, never rush to speak out about your case; rather, try and find out whether the locksmith is qualified enough for the job. Ask them open ended questions like what scope of services they offer, how long they’ve offering services, etc. By listening to their answers, you can tell whether you’re speaking with the right person or not. Afterwards, explain to them about the situation you’re in; could be you have lost your cars, or want to duplicate keys or want them to help install new locks to your doors, etc. The locksmith will then guide you forward.
  3. Never send any money to a locksmith until you have met them, or better still, they have gotten the job done. A good locksmith will come up to your premises to evaluate the task at hand, before charging you for their services. You can agree to make 50% of the payment before they start, and the other half after completion of the task at hand.


Hiring locksmiths across London can be as easy or as hard as you make it. And Key Cutting

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What is Currently Trending in the Interior Design Industry?

If you are thinking of renovating or building a completely new home, you want to consider what is currently trending in the interior design industry. Many designs come and go and if you are a lover of fashion and trend, you want to know what to look out for. The following are some of the interior design trends you want to watch out for especially in this New Year.

  • Terracotta

In the recent past, white and cool toned tiles have been the way to go. However, it is time to watch out for warm and earnest materials such as terracotta. In the past, these materials were used more as border tiles. Now, they are to be used as the feature tiles with a natural matte finish. This is a perfect way of adding warmth and character to interior décor.

  • Cork

This stylish material adds texture and warmth to any space. It is also noise cancelling because of the sound absorption properties it has. It is the perfect option for open plan spaces. It can be used perfectly on the walls, floor, and furniture for the space. An all-rounded material, it is both stylish and versatile.

  • Dark Green

As a paint color for any room, dark green is perfect for the wintery feel of the space. It is also suitable as a furniture or fitting such as cushions and other décor items. It accentuates the design of the room and brings in the outdoor feel that offer peace and tranquility.

  • Upholstered bedheads

Mostly found in luxurious homes and hotel rooms, upholstered bedheads are slowly but steadily making their way into our everyday homes. People are falling in love with these masterpieces and they come in variations as well. This is one of the perfect ways to add some glamor and flavor into the bedroom.

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How Does A Sliding Door Wardrobe Look Like

The design and appearance of bedroom wardrobes has greatly evolved over time. Traditionally, the bigger a wardrobe was, the better it was deemed. Furthermore, most tended to take up almost the half the space of the bedroom, and there was little the owner could do to change that; that was the trend then. But with time, as more and more people compete for the little space in urban life, interior designers have had to think outside the box. This has been more evident when it comes to designing of wardrobes; sliding wardrobes are as effective as those traditional ones, although they don’t have extended doors. These doors were the main cause for taking up so much space and with their elimination, sliding door wardrobes have become the new kid on the block.

How can Sliding door wardrobes will save the space at your home?

In most cases, the sliding doors wardrobes are combined with built in or fitted wardrobes. This means that the wardrobe can be fitted on the wall, often from ground to ceiling. The sliding doors are then skillfully inserted so that they are at the same level with the wall upon which the wardrobe is carved from. In most cases, the sliding doors are made of a mirror; the mirror can also double up as a dressing mirror especially if it runs from ground to ceiling. Sliding door wardrobes are not just ideal for anyone looking to save up some space; they are also unique and have a great look.


If you have pets at home, you surely need wardrobes with sliding doors

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