How much does it cost to hire a virtual magician

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Virtual Magician?

The pandemic and lockdown have truly transformed our lives in ways that we could have never even imagined. While schools, offices and markets were visibly and obviously affected, other people and organisations have also been tremendously shaken and changed due to the present situations.

Magic, magicians and magic shows are not different. Due to pandemic and lockdown guidelines, it is neither allowed nor safe to organise a live magical show for any celebrations or parties. But not to worry, even though we cannot afford to host or attend a live magic show, we can certainly organise or join one virtually.

The Combination of Magic and Technology

Magicians have now taken their shows to virtual platforms. This combination of magic and technology has been a blessing in disguise for both the magicians and their beloved audience. But since this practice is relatively new, people tend to have many questions and queries about virtual magicians and their magic shows. One of the major questions about magicians and magic shows is regarding the cost and rates of hiring and employing virtual magicians for the hosts’ celebrations. Since a magic show is not really a regular performance and a magician is not really someone we would hire on a normal and regular basis, such questions are normal and genuine.

But these questions are not easily answerable either. And the main reason for this is that there are no correct or exact answers to this question. The price and cost of hiring a virtual magician actually depend on a number of different factors. One factor would be the show itself.

Magical Displays and Tricks

This would include what the hosts wish to have in the show, the audience of the virtual magician (the number of people attending the show, whether they would be children, adults or a mix of both), the event for which the magician is being hired and other similarly related situations.

Another factor would be the designated time for the magic show in the celebration. And the last, but most important, the factor is the quality of the virtual magician and the magic show. This would involve the effort and awe in all the magical displays and tricks that will be shown to the audience. It is quite clear that all these factors will be different in each and every case. But to give an approximate number, the host can be expected to pay anywhere between 350 and 5000.

How Regular Office Waste Clearance Help to Keep your Workplace Neat

How Regular Office Clearance Will Help You To Keep Your Workspace Neat?

Maintaining workplace cleanliness not only promotes a healthier atmosphere for employees but also helps businesses become more effective and productive. Congested workstations, leftover food, and waste paper are just a few of the most typical contributors to a messy office. It is claimed that a clean workplace promotes employee professionalism and enthusiasm while also fostering a healthy working environment. In this post, we will look at how regular office clearance will help you keep your workstation clean and neat.

Benefits Of Regular Office Clearance

1. Productivity


Workplace distraction can cost your company significant man-hours. Keeping your office clean and organized is an excellent approach to reduce distraction. Employee productivity can be increased by making provisions for a clean environment. Cleanliness may assist increase employee enthusiasm and morale, resulting in the sense of belonging inside their organization. One of the simplest methods to promote this is to put free-standing or wall-mounted garbage containers throughout the office to make rubbish removal simple.

2. Impression


A clean and tidy company area makes a positive first impression on both workers and visitors. The look of your business conveys a statement to your customers about who you are and what your company represents. As a result, it is essential to maintain hygiene and cleanliness inside and in any outdoor location. Outdoor trash cans and ashtrays can be purchased by businesses for use in outdoor and smoking areas.

3. Well-Being

Maintaining employee well-being is aided by providing a clean working environment. Employees take fewer days of sick leave at a workplace where trash and garbage are appropriately disposed of and surfaces are cleaned regularly, resulting in higher overall productivity. As a result, your staff will be pleased that their workplace is kept clean.

4. Employee Safety

Employee Safety

Cleanliness also lowers the likelihood of your staff being ill. Bacteria thrive in office spaces because individuals spend so much of their time there. Keeping your workplace clean might help to prevent illness and hence lost workdays. Cleaning can not only keep your staff healthy, but it may also save lives. Cleaning your facility on a regular basis will help you stay on top of any issues that may arise in the case of an emergency.

5. Smooth Running Of Business

You will find it simpler to keep organized if your workspace is clean and clutter-free. For one thing, it makes it easier to keep track of things; documents are easier to find when your workplace is neat. It is also easier to keep track of any mechanical repairs that are required. As a result, workplace cleaning should be handled on a daily basis.

6. Cost-Effective

Cost Effective

Companies that maintain excellent cleanliness levels in the workplace via regular cleaning may save money on cleaning and refurbishment expenditures. This may become required if the premises are not well maintained. In other words, frequent office waste clearance is a cost-effective approach for businesses to reduce money spent on skip hire.


To summarise, regular office clearance is a necessity that must be dealt with in every company with many employees. As seen above, this provides for a more significant benefit for both the company and the employee.

5 best alternatives for Snapseed

Snapseed has now become the best application for photo editing which is very user friendly and is for free. The different types of filters which can be used to glorify your picture makes it stand out from its competitors. Developed by Google, it enables its users to to use different features like increasing and decreasing the brightness, crop, curve, glamour glow, double exposure, etc. The edited picture can be downloaded to your gallery. Anytime you wish to undo any step without any changes made to the original photograph.

The users can share the edited pic to their friends and post it on social media and get maximum likes and comments. The Snapseed is made available for both Android and IOS users. Check out our other articles on how to use the Snapseed app and its various uses to edit your picture. In this article we will let you know other alternatives for Snapseed which is always a good idea to have more options.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used applications by those who like to edit photos like a pro. Though it is a paid app, which is worth it after the amazing results you get by editing. The app allows its users also to edit and enhance their videos. It has numerous options to edit pictures like various kinds of filters, 3D artworks etc. Adobe Photoshop is used by many professional designers while creating new websites, making posters for businesses. The application is not user friendly and needs to do special courses before using it. The exceptional tools available to use makes Adobe Photoshop distinct from its competitors. The application can be used only with windows and Mac.

  • VSCO

Vsco is one of the well known applications for editing and can be used by the users of both Android and Apple users. The app is for free and is feasible by common man. The app can be easily downloaded from app store and google play store. The app has many options to explore with, after importing a pic from your gallery through easy navigation. The various attributes include increasing and decreasing the contrast, brightness and sharpness, different filters to make your photo look like a vintage one, temperature, and fade which is used to smooth the skin as well as photo background. The app allows its users to post the edited picture on its website where many of the newbies can get inspired with your creativity. The pics can also be posted on your social media accounts directly which is a great option.

alternatives for Snapseed

  • Polarr photo editor

The app which can be conveniently used with Mac, windows, Android and IOS users is Polarr Photo editor. Most of the instagram users use this app for image editing as it is very quick and easy to use. The app includes both high end photo editing tools which can be used by professionals at a designing company such as split toning with histogram and 3D effects. The app is making itself available to all the users of both IOS and android and improving in all aspects which is why it has many users all around the world.

  • Pixlr

For those who are interested in learning photo editing can go for this application which is made available for both IOS and android users. The wide range of tools and effects like colour balance and auto fix make Pixlr the best alternative for Snapseed. The Most demanding feature by todays user is the pic collage which is available with Pixlr which can be done with a maximum of 25 photographs. The collage can be decorated with many stickers, overlays and text options. The UI is very user friendly to navigate through the whole editing process.

  • PhotoDirector

One of the latest applications launched for both IOS and android users is PhotoDirector editing app. The app allows editing of both videos and pictures with many formatting options and the edited image can be easily stored with cloud storage. PhotoDirector app has an in-built camera option which enables its users to take photos with numerous filter options and can be edited with the app itself. The images can be customised with advanced options like spot editing of the photograph. The app provides many features like magic object removal, intelligent colour changes, etc which makes it different from its contenders.


The photos which we take as a memory for lifetime can be made look more beautiful and at the same time get more appreciation from friends and loved ones is one the best features with using photo editing apps. Hope this article helped you in choosing the right application to match your requirement. Let us know which app you like the most in the comment section below.

EE signal Booster

How did EE Signal Boosters work?

EE Signal Booster as we know it serves as the largest telecommunication provider in all of the UK. It provides the fastest 2G, 3G, and 4G.So to understand further you need to understand what a signal box is.

What is a signal box?

Getting a good network at home may sometimes cause a little headache as some types of glass, basements, and thick walls may hinder your signal strength.

A Signal box is a device that uses a broadband connection to give you the best reception around the house. It connects to your router and obtains signals from the network to provide strong indoor coverage.

For this to work effectively you will need;

  • A 3G compatible phone on EE
  • A spare Ethernet port on the router
  • A spare power supply near your router
How EE signal booster works

How to use your signal box?

Once purchased and activated your signal box will pick up automatically and start working. The green light flashes slowly and you hear a beep at the start of every call.

A signal box can allow a connection of up to four people at a given time; this can however be limited to one or two people if you have a slower broadband connection.

If you move further from the range of the signal box while you are in a call your call may drop unless there’s an EE signal within.

You also need to have a phone that supports 3G for the signal box to work. Older 2G phones cannot use the signal box.

EE Signal Boosters work

What do the lights indicate?

  • Green light flashing quickly

If this happens try unplugging it and then reconnecting it again as this may signal a lost connection with the service provider.

  • Red light single flash

Signal box may be improperly connected, you should check if the cables are properly plugged in to the router and signal box. If this persists try changing the Ethernet cable and leave it for some time to see if it resets.

  • Red light – sequence of two flashing lights

Internet connection is not being received by the signal box. You should check the connection of your broadband.

  • Red light- sequence of three flashing lights

This signals something else might be interfering with the signal. You have to make sure the signal box is not close to any other electrical equipment and that it is at least 60cm away from the router.

EOT Cleaning Services That You Should Know This Year

In the below infographic you will learn the most important end of tenancy cleaning services in London that you should be knowing. You should know it all and decide who to hire when you need a professional cleaning session.


Below is a video of EOT Cleaning staff in operations in London explained via an animated video.

Quickwasters Rubbish Removal London

Are you looking for rubbish removal services in London? Here come the Quickwasters for you to ensure the safe waste disposal in London. Quickwasters offers all kind of waste removal service from any source in London. Contact Quickwasters for the safe rubbish removal from your area. Quickwasters team will reach your doorstep to collect your waste.

No.1 Rubbish Removal Company In London

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Rubbish Removal Service Vs Skip Hire

Before you make up your mind on whether to hire a rubbish removal company or skip hire, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of. Knowing the difference between the two will help you make up your mind faster. Skip hiring has been with many Londoners for long; skips come in the form of heavy duty waste containers where you can dispose of all your waste and rubbish. However, they have become unpopular for a few reasons; you have to secure a permit in order to leave the skip outside your home. Besides, some skip hire companies tend to delay in collecting the rubbish, sometimes leaving the skip outside your home for days! This would never be the case with a rubbish removal company. Regardless of the amount of waste that has been cleared from your home, most skip hiring companies will charge you for the entire skip.

Express-Waste-RemovalsExpress Waste Removals offers you reliable and affordable rubbish removal services. Our waste removal teams will clear and dispose of any type or amount of home waste that you have; we do this fast and efficiently, affordably. Forget about having to leave a filthy skip outside your home for hours or even days. We can get the same job done faster, more affordably, and with little interruption to your home. Not to mention that well charge you only for the waste that we’ve cleared from your premises; unlike a skip hire that charges a standard amount for the skip. With skip hire, you will have to compile and collect all the waste that needs to be disposed, then take it to the skip. This may be tedious especially for the aged or sick and the convenient thing would be to opt for our removal services. You just sit back and watch us get everything done fast and efficiently. We have immense experience removing rubbish in all manner of settings, including residential homes and commercial property. If you have a business or office and are looking for a professional company that will ensure all rubbish is removed as and when needed, without costing you an arm and a leg then were your best bet. Express Waste Removals has specially modified trucks to handle huge amounts of waste and junk.

In most cases, Skips come in sizes starting from 2-yard skip to 40-yard skip. You pick one depending on the amount of waste and junk that needs to be cleared. Once the skip hire company has left the skip with you, they’ll charge a standard amount regardless of the amount of waste you had. This is different from what you can expect from a removal company; most rubbish removal companies will only charge you for the amount of waste collected. Another thing worth noting is that you’ll be responsible for cleaning up once you’ve disposed of your waste in the Skip. A Skip hire company’s work is to leave the skip, come to collect it afterwards for disposal. We can spare you all that hassle by collecting all your rubbish for disposal and cleaning up before leaving. No littering on the driveway or parking lot, no waste falling off accidentally. Express Waste Removals has a professional team of cleaners with many years of experience handling all manner of waste. We are your best bet when it comes to reliable waste clearance and disposal in London and surrounding areas. Our trucks can handle as much as what the biggest Skip would handle. Talk to us today, lets clear your home or business waste efficiently and very fast. Our rates are competitive and we promise you’ll not be disappointed.

A Guide to Hiring a Locksmith in 2017

Hiring a locksmith is one thing; hiring a good locksmith is another. This is because the market is full of quacks, cons, scams, half baked locksmiths, and other entities that are not really qualified to get the job done.Thus, it is very important that you do things the right way when looking to hire one. Sadly, the best locksmith may not always be the most affordable. But similarly, the most expensive locksmith to hire may not necessarily do the job in the best way. Thus it’s always a delicate balance between finding a good locksmith who’s as qualified as he or she is affordable.


Emergency services by ITCC

  1. You’ll need to start by speaking to your friends or family. Ask them whether they know of any locksmith around who is reliable, let them give his or her contacts if they have them. This should always be your first option, and chances are that you’ll get good leads. Alternatively, you can do a quick search on the internet where you’ll get the contacts of some of the local locksmiths. It’s always more recommendable to contact a locksmith via phone, rather than email as the former guarantees you of a prompt response.
  2. Once you have secured the contacts of a locksmith, it’s time to get in touch with them! When you call, never rush to speak out about your case; rather, try and find out whether the locksmith is qualified enough for the job. Ask them open ended questions like what scope of services they offer, how long they’ve offering services, etc. By listening to their answers, you can tell whether you’re speaking with the right person or not. Afterwards, explain to them about the situation you’re in; could be you have lost your cars, or want to duplicate keys or want them to help install new locks to your doors, etc. The locksmith will then guide you forward.
  3. Never send any money to a locksmith until you have met them, or better still, they have gotten the job done. A good locksmith will come up to your premises to evaluate the task at hand, before charging you for their services. You can agree to make 50% of the payment before they start, and the other half after completion of the task at hand.


Hiring locksmiths across London can be as easy or as hard as you make it. And Key Cutting

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Stitch Leggings: The Best Meggings And Male Leggings

Stitch Leggings was an idea conceived by two British designers who happened to attend a Themed party. It was here that the duo was ‘forced’ to wear ‘ill fitting female’ leggings, which made them to come up with the idea of 100% designed male leggings, aka meggings. In that regard, these can be said to be the pioneers of this latest fashion trend that is taking over the male fashion world by storm. If you are looking for the best male meggings here in the UK, sTitch Leggings should always be your number one bet.

  • Variety; at sTitch Leggings, you’re always assured of a variety of patterns, colors, and designs to choose from. Although gold and camouflage are some of the most common colors, you can get almost any color that you are looking for. Some of the different designs you can get at sTitch Leggings include Spartan, Festival, Diamond, Retro, to mention but a few.
  • Affordability; for as little as £ 35, you will get a brand new, polyester made pair or male meggings. This is relatively cheap considering that the meggings have the ability to bring out the sexiness in a man in ways other clothing cant. That aside, one can be assured of handsome discounts if they purchase more than one pair of male meggings during this festive season.
  • Comfort and convenience; sTitch Meggings are designed for comfort and convenience. Most brands dwell so much on the sexiness aspect of the male meggings and thus forget on convenience; this is why all sTitch Leggings brands come with a back pocket that ensures that all your valuable items like mobile phones, or car keys are safe and secure. Some of their brands also have a zip at the front, unlike other brands that are lacking this very crucial feature.
  • Ability to shop online; again, sTitch Leggings has a website that enables visitors to purchase their male meggings online. Once you have gone over all the photos and info available, you just add your pick to your shopping Cart. Payments can be made on PayPal or Credit cards, and all transactions are very safe.

Make sure that the next time you’re looking to buy your male meggings, you get them from the pioneers; sTitch Leggings. Here you’ll get value for your money, and be assured of a wide variety to choose from.